Who is Donald Schultz?

Donald Schultz

Born in South Africa, Donald Schultz is an filmmaker, animal expert, writer, photographer and extreme adventurer that just loves life.

Donald started to work with reptiles at the age of 13 and was fortunate to have an internship at the world-famous Fitzsimons Snake Park, where he received a sound schooling in herpetology.
His love affair with dangerous activities extends beyond just his work, and he tries to incorporate the two whenever possible.

He is an avid skydiver, base jumper and a highly specialized scuba diver, having been certified as the youngest CLASS II commercial diver in Africa. Schultz now calls Los Angeles his home… when he actually is home.

How It All Started

Some people tell me I am lucky.

I guess I am. I have found myself in the fairly enviable position of being able to work my way around the world, having amazing adventures and meeting phenomenal people all the time.

I had the usual beginnings in working with animals.

Found a snake when I was six, fell in love and wanted to know as much as possible about it.

I have committed my life to working with misunderstood and sometimes reviled animals.

And through my adventures I have been taken to places and worlds I had no idea existed. BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, commercial diving and world exploration have been a mainstay of my life, and film making seem more like a necessity than a choice. Showing people the world around me has become my life's work, while trying to protect it for future generations.

- Donald Schultz

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