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Born in South Africa, Modern Advocate Donald Schultz is a world-renowned venom expert, writer, photographer and extreme adventurer and has been in the public eye for most of his life. Donald started to work with reptiles at the age of 13 and was fortunate to have an internship at the world-famous Fitzsimons Snake Park, where he received a sound schooling in herpetology.

By Donald giving demonstrations and spending endless hours studying snake behavior, catching venomous snakes became second nature, and his fascination with these creatures became the bedrock of his career.

Donald’s career and passion has grown beyond snakes to include all wild animals which lead to the creation of Donald’s Eco Tour Company specializing in wild animal eco tours with special attention to the conservation of our wild life on this planet.

Donald is also an extreme spots advocate and adventurer. With a focus on proximity wing suiting, Donald travels the world flying his incredible suit along-side extreme sports athletes such as Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, and BJ Penn.


Being our first Modern Advocate ambassador, Donald and his crew have been traveling the world, advocating for healthy living, and educating youth through alternative sports and an edgy lifestyle, wing suiting from country to country. Flying into communities with the awesome message of “Boarders are Man Made,” Donald brings inspiration and awe to each and every person he reaches.

Donald strives to push the envelope, focusing on new ways to implement venoms into medical research, and being an amazing advocate for alternative sports. His travels and perspective inspire and educate so many, and we are proud to have him as our first Modern Advocate Ambassador!!

Thank you Donald,
Big Ups Brooooo!!!!!!